Birthday Party, Fairy Party Ideas Brisbane and Gold Coast

If you are looking for a girls princess or fairy themes birthday party host to hire in Brisbane or the Gold Coast look no further! Our fairy princesses are wonderful entertainers that are fun, excitable and most of all reliable hosts that will make sure your little girl and her friends at the fairy princess themed birthday party will have an unforgettable time.

Our Brisbane Fairies also fly out to the Gold Coast to spread their birthday party cheer wherever they go. With the best fairies wings and headdresses that money can buy your birthday party entertainer will look their best to host fairies birthday party.

Hire a princess entertainer to wow the children for special princess themed birthday parties in Brisbane and the Gold Coast.

You may want to invite boys as well as girls to a fairy of princess themed party. Never fear – Over 50% of the birthday parties that we host are mixed boys and girls. We have lots of energetic birthday party games which are perfect entertainment for boys at a girly themed birthday party in Brisbane or the Gold Coast. If you want to contribute more ideas to kids’ party, please visit to kids party ideas to give it a go.

Don’t just take our word for it. Read what the mums in Brisbane and the Gold Coast had to say about our Fairy birthday parties and princess themed party entertainment:

Dear Fairy Party Brisbane,

Just wanted to let you know that the birthday girl Erin and friends had a wonderful time at her fairy themed birthday party today in Ipswich.

Thank you so much for making her fairy birthday party a ‘red balloon day’ in every way!!! We were all very impressed with your magic fairy birthday show, children and parents alike.

It was wonderful to be able to enjoy having a fairy birthday party entertainer. The stress involved entertaining large numbers of children for a girls birthday party was eliminated. I will be recommending you to all my friends.

Thanks again for a very memorable birthday!!!
Sandra Bradshaw, Ipswich

Hi Fairy Parties Brisbane,

Thank YOU so much for a fantastic fairy princess birthday party!! Ruby had an absolute ball as did everyone else there! Everyone of the mums were very impressed with your show also. We loved how you managed to maintain the full attention of the girls and boys at the fairy princess birthday party at all times and included them all in someway into the show. We all agreed that you are very reasonably priced for what you do and I would not be at all surprised if some of them use your for other girls birthday parties in the future. Lily turns 5 in 2 years time so I may be hunting down your services again then! Thanks again.

Jane Eastwood, South Brisbane

Hi Fairy Party Brisbane Brisbane,

Geoff & I have just put the girls to bed and were sitting down looking at the pictures from Abbey’s magic fairies birthday party today. We loved hiring you Super Steph She had a fantastic time, as did the rest of the girls. So many of the parents commented to me that you had so much energy and were such a fantastic girls birthday party entertainer and they were especially impressed that you were able to keep the attention of ALL the girls and boys despite the various ages.

I have to say from a personal point of view I was VERY impressed with how engaged all the children were and you really took the pressure off me as the host. I would be only too happy to recommend you to any other parents having a fairy parties with young children considering hiring you. In fact I have put a note on my facebook page tonight letting all my friends know how great we all thought you were.

Thanks for the comments on the birthday cake, Geoff was chuffed to receive the compliments! I am very lucky, he’s a great father! Thanks again for making Abbey’s fairy birthday party so special.

Belinda & Geoff Robinson, Brisbane

Fun princess party entertainment

Fun princess party entertainment to organise girls birthday parties in Brisbane and the Gold coast. Stress free! Princesses Party Hosted Entertainment.

If you live in Brisbane or the Gold Coast why not have a real life birthday party fairy princess turn up at your daughters birthday party for a real surprise!

A Princess birthday party host can either is dressed in either a pink, gold or skyblue princess costume with a princess tiara. We want to make sure that parents don’t feel too pressured to buy yet another costume and also so girls feel more comfortable if they come dressed in party clothes or in a costume that is not a princess.When Hosting a Princess birthday party for your beautiful little girl there are so many options to choose from. Princess plates, princess piñatas and princess balloons.

If you have hired entertainment from the Brisbane and Gold Coast Princess entertainers for the perfect princess birthday party, you can just relax and leave it to your hired Princess girls birthday party entertainer.

Boys at your girls princess birthday party? Never fear! Out of hundreds of shows that we do a year (we average around 18-22 a weekend) your birthday party entertainer is almost always entertaining mixed boys and girls at birthday parties across Brisbane and the Gold Coast. This is because most guests are invited from their class. We are not soppy softy princesses! We are cheeky and funny and love to play all sorts of active princess birthday party games for girls and boys! We also know how to make cool swords and space lasers for our princes.

Here is a breakdown of a Brisbane and Gold Coast Fairy Princess Birthday Party.*

If you are booking the hour show we will start 30 mins after the princess themed birthday party starts. This will make sure that all the boys and girls travelling from all areas of Brisbane and the Gold Coast can arrive before the princess birthday party entertainment begins.

The party time begins and girls and boys turn up at your little princesses’ door (which is now the castle) bearing birthday gifts. The mini prince and princesses have a little bite to eat and explore the garden or park and any shy children will start to gain more confidence. The children get told of the birthday party princess entertainer and they chat excitedly in anticipation.

Thirty minutes after the start of the party the children, sat down on a rug or on the grass, call for their birthday party princess host to make her grand entrance. The princess appears and the girls and boys birthday party fun begins!

0-10 minutes into the entertainment of your girls princess party.
This happy princess entertainer gets to know all the girls and boys with a name game and explain what  princess delights await. Your princess party host will also make a big fuss over the special birthday girl and  ensure that she knows how special she is.
As most Princess birthday parties in Brisbane and the Gold Coast are mixed boys and girls your princess host will organise royal races, teach the boys and girls how to rescue their friends from dragons and high castles (who has wrapped the prince and princesses in paper which they can only escape from by the help from their friends at the princess party.10-20 minutes
The Princesses birthday party show increases speed and up and fast paced princess party games are organised around the palace grounds (garden) Entertainment such as “Dragon Freeze”, “Party-Rock Princess” and “Princess Leader” “ and “Princesses-Tug-Of-War” with a funny ending!
They join in  a rapid game of “Prince, Prince, Toad” and the boys and girls whizz off trying to catch each other.

20-35 minutes
Party Princess Balloon twisting. Your Brisbane and Gold Coast birthday party Princess has a surprising talent. She can twist and twizzle girls and boys party balloons into puppies, roses, sword, caps and space guns. The children join in on a  quick-fire round of “Party Princess Pop Quiz” on all girls and boys favourite movies while your trained birthday party princess host makes  the party balloons.

35-40 minutes
Another surprise awaits! This Princess is from a magical kingdom where she can perform REAL MAGIC TRICKS! With a mystical flair the princesses most treasured colouring book is full of pictures – a second magic gesture for the party girls and boys – and it is coloured in all the colours the children threw at the book. Whatever thegirls and boys do, just don’t get them to take out their magical rubber and start rubbing out the pictures EEK!…

40-55 minutes
Princess party parachute fun starts NOW! This is true delight for girls and boys in Brisbane and the Gold Coast. The boys and girls at the birthday party squeal with delight as they run beneath the multicoloured chute and twizzle around your little birthday party princess whilst singing “Happy Birthday”. The boys and girls also have to guess who has been smuggled below the princesses parachute. Have your cameras at the ready – This part of the show makes great photos!

55-minutes to 1 hour
The Brisbane and Gold Coast Birthday Party Princess bring together all the girls and boys as well as the adults around to sing the birthday song and make sure your little girl remembers her princess wish…
All the boys and girls receive a sticker and magnet and get together for a few shots with their best Birthday Party Princess Host in Brisbane and the Gold Coast!

You can also have your Princess party entertainer start a 1.5 hour show from beginning of the party as the boys and girls turn up and meet the birthday girl. your princess party host will organise more fun games, including pass the parcel and even host pinwheel making workshop! 30 minutes of fun and games will be only $55 more.

Just for $55 extra you will get 30 mins MORE of entertainment as the princess party host spins her magic to paint up to 20 faces in just 30 minutes!! with just 1.5 minutes per child each girl and boy will go home with a cheek design of a snake, butterfly, flower or spider. Now that’s great Value!