Fairy Entertainers Brisbane

My name is Fairy Snowdrop.  I love playing with girls and boys that believe in fairies.  Sometimes, when no one is looking, I flutter around children’s birthday parties to play fairy party games. When it is cold and all the little animals are cuddled up in the garden I wave my magic wand and give them a lovely warm snuggle and make them all happy again .

Fairy Bumblebee
My name is Fairy Bumblebee and I live far far away in fairyland. Everyday I fly around with the butterflies and the dragonflies making pretty patterns in the sky and sprinkling everyone with fairy dust. My favourite food is honey and I love to help bumblebees collect honey from my favourite flower the peachy-pod flower.  Please invite me you your fairy themed party as I love to play birthday games with other fairies.

Fairy Glitter
Hello Fairies. My name is Fairy Glitter. If you like sparkles and glitter then don’t forget to invite me to your beautiful fairy birthday party! I sprinkle glitter on all my mini fairy friends and we love to fly around the garden playing all sorts of fairy party games. I fly to fairy birthday parties in Brisbane and the Gold Coast all the time – I love cake , especially if the cake is beautifully covered in  glittery pink icing.

Fairy Stream

To all the beautiful fairies in Brisbane and the Gold Coast. I have to tell you a secret. My name is fairy stream and I love to play in sparkling streams and splash water in the air with my fairy wings. I can come and visit you at your house or in your garden or even come to see you have a fairy themed birthday party in the park. You will love my funny twisty twirly balloons and I can make really cute loe hearts and fuzzy bunny rabbits.

Fairy Moon
My name is Fairy Moon and I’ve come from Neverland. I am such a cheeky fairy that loves to play silly fairy games in the secret gardens around Brisbane. Look out for me if you are having a fairy birthday party in Brisbane as I may just be sitting on a toadstool in your garden waiting to joining in the fairy fun. If you want fairy moon to come to your fairy themed birthday party all you have to do is look at the moon and wish…