1. What do you charge?
SuperSteph wants to make sure that she gives you the correct price tailored specifically for your party. As all parties are vary in size, time and in distance it would be impossible to give all possible prices on the website, let alone confusing! To get a quote SuperSteph asks only to give her a call or fill out the contacts page on the website. She will then send you a no obligation quote as well as free party invitations for you to print off and use if you wish.

2. Do you have any special discounts?
Of Course! SuperSteph has a special offer for after school parties. You save $50 – That saving will pay for a fabulous cake!
You can even get just the 45 minute magic show during weekdays too!

3. Can I have a joint party?
Absolutely!! This is a great way to lower costs! Both children get to perform a special magic trick with SuperSteph and be the star of
the show. They both get a GIANT special balloon model, a special mystery prize for the pass the parcel, and get to give their friends
the magic SuperSteph wands. SuperSteph only charges an extra $10 to cover the extra balloon model and mystery prize and second special
birthday trick.

4. What age range are your parties for?
Children grow up so quickly. They definetaly need age appropriate parties. SuperSteph has three main parties –
The bunny show – for girls and boys aged 3-5
The fairy and dragon show – for girls and boys aged 4-7 (The boy parties don’t have the fairy bit – they have more fun with the
The pirate show – for girls and boys aged 6-8
The older pirate show – For girls and boys aged 8-12 (more close up magic than children’s magic)

5. Do you have public liability insurance?
Absolutely! No less than $20,000,000

6. How many children can I have at the party?
SuperSteph prices the party for up to 30 children. This gives ou the flexibility of inviting the whole class if you wish. The price per
child after that is $2 per extra child. However, for the smooth running of the party SuperSteph secretly recommends no more than 30.

7. My child is shy and may not wish to help on stage – is this a problem?
SuperSteph is used to being around children and knows how to talk carefully to children who need soft encouragement. There hasn’t been
one child that has ever been shy enough for helping SuperSteph with her tricks – Even the shiest children get the courage to come up
with a friend.

8. Do you have live animals in the show?
SuperSteph the Brisbane magician does – He is a GORGEOUS mini Plush Lop Bunny – His name is “Stew”

9. We have boys at the party. Will they enjoy the show?
Almost every show that Fairy Party Brisbane Brisbane performs at has a mixture of boys and girls. Most children invite their class. We make sure that the boys enjpy the show as much as the girls by having mixed boy and girl games such as “Tug-Of-War” and “Rescue” and racing games. As you can see from the photos on this site the boys have a great time!